About Us

What is Silence Hurts?

Silence Hurts is an anti-gender violence organization based in Richmond, VA. It empowers youth to address and combat gender violence both globally and locally through education, outreach, and advocacy.

Through a community based educational program, we tackle the issues of teenage domestic abuse and human trafficking within the United States, as well as promote women’s rights and issues within the Third World.

Our curricula focuses on human trafficking, dating violence, and global gender issues.  It provides free, age appropriate after school lessons on dating abuse, human trafficking, and anti female violence to elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as community organizations.

Our organization relies upon student activism and engagement to achieve our mission. We utilize our student networks to spread awareness regarding gender violence, and promote civic action against it.

Advocacy is a crucial aspect of our organization. Our advocacy program includes publishing a biweekly blog, publishing and curating survivor testimonials, publishing an annual policy report, as well as engaging in issue based lobbying.

Our outreach work engages students with local women’s shelters, anti human trafficking NGOs, schools in the developing world, youth shelters, and international gender advocacy organizations.